So here it is, the gig we’ve been waiting for for nearly three years now!

On 5th April, at the New Empowering Church in Hackney, we are doing something a wee bit unusual for us and putting on our very own night, going by the name of The John Langan Band Album Launch Party Extravaganza! Now, I understand that’s a lot of words for one night and that extravaganza is not a word to be used lightly; but I really can promise you that this night, with it’s wealth of the finest musicians, abundance of the wildest Mescal, and proliferation of the best craic known to man, will justify both the lofty language and the amount of it! This being said though, please allow me to explain to you the fundamental reasons why we are being so outrageously generous by putting this party on:

Firstly, we get to put on some of our favourite bands (Cocos Lovers, Garance & the Mitochondries, Tell Tale Tusk, Will Varley and DJ Danglo) because aside from the fact we want to hear them, they are fantastic and you should all hear them too. We are so lucky in being able to share stages with a huge amount of massively talented musicians every week of the year – so here are some of our favourites for you and for us to have the pleasure of seeing! (Also, these happen to be the only ones who don’t complain when we drink all of the backstage Rider…but that’s by the by though…)

Secondly, we love playing at big venues in London! Few things in life are as pleasurable as playing through a fantastic sound system on a great high stage to a sea of 600 bonkers people dancing like proper loons! This venue in particular is in a part of town that has welcomed us with open arms since we made our treacherous migration to the southern regions, so it only feels right to be celebrating this launch there amongst the community that have adopted us.

And lastly, this is a two-edged point – not only do we get to finally, after so much sweat, so much blood-buckfast-whisky, so many tears, get to release to everyone an album that we, shamelessly, are immensely proud of; but also we get to have a huge party to celebrate this with all of the people who made this possible for us! Everyone who has come to our gigs, inspired us with fantastic character, danced maniacally to our music, shared all of our trials and tribulations, given us their last drop of booze at 5am after a show, put us up on a couch when we can no longer move, laughed with us as John falls off his box, cried with us at all this world gives us to cry about, and most importantly, every person who has given us a smile, been our supporters and pals, and have helped three silly Scots indulge their strangest musical fancies. This party is for all of you!

There is one person who cannot be with us this night – our dearly beloved engineer, Mr Hazen Metro. This man has given more than any to our cause, and don’t tell him but it probably took at least ten years off his life – but sadly the CIA did a product recall on the Absolute-Fucking-Legend-Droid, so some men in black suits came and boxed him up to go back to America … Hazen, we salute you. HOWEVER, unless you have a reason so-ridiculous-it-must-be-plausible as this, then I know you will be there with us on this fantastic occasion. Because let’s face it, if you’re not, then either you’ve had a lobotomy, or you deserve one. (Ouch…)

So, lovely people … here is the link to the Facebook event page:

And here is the link to the ticket website:

And we will see you there!

Lots of love,

Ali, the Fiddler.

(please, I’ve heard all the jokes before…)


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