Midgets on Acid – Based on the Jig ‘Jump at The Sun’ by John KIRKpatrick…An Apology

This is an apology for a mistake I made in the credits for the album “Bones of Contention”.                                                                        The tune “Midgets on Acid” is based on a wonderful jig called “Jump at the Sun” by John Kirkpatrick.
I contacted Mr Kirkpatrick when we started recording the track to ask his permission to use it. He kindly agreed on the condition that I credited him using these exact words – “JUMP AT THE SUN – by JOHN KIRKPATRICK – World Copyright © SQUEEZER MUSIC”
Alas, somehow in the confusion and stress of getting the artwork ready for print I did not write what I was asked to. Instead I wrote “…by John FITZpatrick,”
Yes, eegit I am and I put my hands up and ask for forgiveness. I beleive very strongly that  musicians should be credited properly for their work.
So to make a small attempt at righting a stupid mistake;

Midgets on Acid is based on the jig

‘JUMP AT THE SUN – by JOHN KIRKPATRICK – World Copyright © SQUEEZER MUSIC www.johnkirkpatrick.co.uk                                                                                                                                                                                          He has published a tune book of his compositions entitled “Jump at the Sun”. Available from his website.

John Langan